Surf-vakanties.nl is part of 51 moments Ltd a private company established and existing under the laws of the United Kingdom, having its registered office in Coventry at The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard and registered with Company House under 11782784


On surf-vakanties, it is free to list your tours or retreats. Visitors can contact registered organizers through our website with a message, inquiry or reservation. For every successful booking that is initiated by one of those options, we charge a service fee of 15%.


Our relationship is to be seen as an advertising agreement. We try to get you customers and you pay us a fee for that service. We are never in any case responsible for the relationship you can get with a customer through our platform. Through our platform you can communicate the prices, terms, etc as you like.

Either you, your business or us can quit our relationship anytime. If chosen, let us know and we will delete all your content.


Our commission of 15% is applicable for all the successful bookings and transactions that were generated through our website, at the moment the non-refundable deposit is sent by the customer. This could include, but is not limited to, customers for whom you have received the deposit required to secure or book their place, customers that decided to book a portion or an extended stay, or who decided to book through inquiry spots for their friends and/or family, groups, etc. We will always charge the package price for the program as offered from your side to the customer, whether it is less or more than the advertised price on our website, as per our terms and conditions, regardless of the package price is initial or final. The package price is to be understood as the amount you offer to the client for the program listed on our website or communicated through our message system.

Customers can make payments via our online payment system. The pre-payment will be received in our Stripe account and we will release the payment to you after subtracting our commission once the deposit becomes non-refundable.


When a customer pays a pre-payment he accepts your offer and we instantly charge you the service fee. It is however always possible a customer decides to cancel his trip after he or she made the pre-payment. In that case we still charge you the 15% fee. For that reason we advise you to always communicate a minimum cancelation fee of 15% of the package price. If you make it higher it’s your responsibility to collect the remaining amount.


If you think a customer should get his or her deposit back, let us know and we’ll check the case. We’d rather have a happy customer without a commission then an angry customer with our commission. If we agree to refund the customer, we of course won’t charge you.


Once you upload your media you give us the right to use that media for promoting your business and our platform. If you don’t like us to use your photo’s for promoting our platform but just your own business, let us know and we won’t.


We encourage you to keep the conversation with our customers within our messaging system, so we can also easily monitor any errors or concerns on both parties (between you and the customer) and provide assistance ASAP if needed. Therefore, use of or requesting email addresses, website links or providing/asking telephone numbers or any other ways of direct contact is not allowed on our website.

Once the customer paid the deposit via our online payment system, we will send you the confirmation along with customer’s contact details and payout details.


It is not allowed to offer or communicate higher prices to the customer then on any other advertising medium.


Throughout time, these terms might change. It’s your responsibility to keep checking them. We ofcourse will let you know if big things change.


When people register on our website, they agree with our “algemene voorwaarde” meaning we have a relationship with them. When a deal is made between you and one of our customers, you also get a relationship with them. We expect you take good care of our initial customers and respect European new GDPR law.


The Terms of Use and the use of the Platform are governed by English law. Any and all disputes arising from or related any agreement between Parties will be brought before the competent court in Coventry.