How it works


We are a platform (no travel agency) where customers can directly contact you and book your services. If someone books we charge you 15% of the total booking value. This is the same amount the customer pays you (as a deposit) when making a booking. So when your deposit is coming into our account we charge you that same amount. Therefor we probably won’t have to transfer money to each other.


A customer can contact you through our website. If that happens you’ll get an email from us saying someone has a message for you on our website.

Your Message Board (on this website)


Hey Marc, I would like to book this for me and my friend. Would that be possible?

Description Information Quantity Price
Book or Reserve
10 days surf package 1 €420.00
14 days surf package 1 €780.00
Dorm room 1 €0.00
1 person private room 1 €400.00
Arrival date October 31, 2019
15% deposit (paid now to secure booking)  €240.00
85% payment (paid after)  €1,360.00
Total : €1,600.00

Send at 21-06-2019 at 10:13 AM

Hey Tanja,

Great you want to come surf with us! Yes you can book at those dates.

Send at 21-06-2019 at 10:20 AM

Here’s an example what could happen..

After the booking

If someone makes a booking, you and the customer get an email with the booking details. Now you can contact them directly to confirm the booking and tell them what to do now. Plz always respond within 48 hours (it’s what we promise the customer).

So that’s basically how it works ~

Important things to keep in mind

What if someone books without you agreeing

Then it’s a reservation which you can deny. Please c.c. me when telling the customer it’s not possible to book so I can refund their money.


Plz keep communication through this website, don’t communicate your private details (before the booking, after the booking you can), quote the same price your as you ask customers who contact you directly and be honest about the total price of your offers. This way I can live a life I like and keep making this platform better. Also be clear about the booking terms you can set at your page. You don’t want misunderstandings when someone books your business.


The following tips will Increase your bookings:

  1. Make sure you upload good looking pictures.
  2. Be as fast as possible with a reply when someone asks you something.
  3. Ask customers to write reviews through trip advisor, facebook and or google
  4. Keep checking your page views and messages.
  5. Try a promotion, it will really increase your bookings.


Don’t ever bother calling or emailing me. I’dd love to speak to you. As a matter of fact I even love to come by, have a surf and talk about the beauty of this business. My phone number is +31639572412